Dear Dentist, I really don’t like you!

When I was a kid, I had no real problems with going to the dentist then something happened and a visit to the nice teeth person started to cause angst and tears. What happens then is that you avoid going as much as possible and only put your foot at the dentist when the pain…


Just another weekend

For the second weekend in a row I spent my time at home, it’s an amazing feeling even though I love all my little weekend trips to Gotham, Summer house and Copenhagen (even if the last one was a while ago now). I started the weekend with leaving work in a decent time to head…


A beautiful walk

Instead of doing things like looking for a new job or cooking dinner, you can actually go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of the city you live in, at least that’s what I did and I got some amazing pictures out of it.


Quiz night is back!

Thursday brought good times and the return of autumn, what else can you call it when the quiz returns after a summer break. As I managed to lure some of my colleagues with me before the summer I didn’t have to go and highjack a team this time around. Instead we meet up before the…


My little runaway

Last Tuesday was a rough morning, I woke up a bit late to a crazy thunderstorm and realized pretty quickly that biking or walking to work wasn’t really an option, thus it would be the bus. The bus happens to take me quite some time and I would be totally late (since I already kind…


Book delivery

On my way home from work today I picked up yet another book delivery and this time I’m really excited about it as I made an effort of finding books for my reading challenge. I managed to sort out a Nobel Prize recipient, a H.C Andersens Literature Award recipient, a Asian Literary Prize (formerly the Man Asian Literary…


Inspiration to read

The summerhouse does so much good for you, even if I drag my PC there to be able to keep up with my harvesting and animal feeding in Farmville 2, I don’t open the computer at all in the evenings. Instead I read, and read, and then read some more. This time around I managed…